Eduardo Vetere 


He has received the Master Degree in violin from the Art and Music

College" S. Pietro a Majella" in Naples. He has performed as solo violin

in shows organized by the Music College of Salerno and Naples.

The latest performance took place in the Palace of the King in Naples.

Since the 1986, he has performed as soloist as well as orchestral in

several shows in many cities of South Italy, gathering many prizes.

All of those are documented. He is the leader of the "Solisti Napoletani"

trio as well as of the "Partenopenote" duo, gathering big success around

the word. He has played also many times in several performances

organized by both cultural and show people. On the 8th of March 1990,

he has performed in the TV show "Piacere Rai Uno". He has recorded

with the "Solisti Napoletani" trio several songs with the recording label

"Fonit Cetra" in Rome. Those songs have been broadcast  by the

"Stereo Uno" Radio station. He has played at the "San Carlo Opera"

theater as member of the Art and Music College "S. Pietro a Majella"

orchestra. He has performed at the 1 edition of the show "Nuova

Piedigrotta Napoletana", which took place at the "Cilea" theater in

Naples on 1990. As soloist player of the music group supporting the performances of  the Maestro Roberto Murolo, who recognized him as excellent executor of the Neapolitan song and culture.He has performed at the TV show "Mezzo Secolo di Canzoni" on the air on the "Canale 21" channel. He has been a member of the "Orchestra Mediterranea" in the TV show "Fatti Vostri" brodecast by "Rai Uno" on 1995. He has performed as soloist in shows of many recognized artists, such as Fred Buongusto, Antonio e Marcello, Milva, Loredana Bertè, Massimo Ranieri, Riccardo Cocciante. With Fred Bongusto he has played at the "Necombo" in Ischia. He has been 1st violin of the orchestra " Libentia Cantus". Since the 1994 as leader of the "Partenopenote" trio and "Dolce Vita" duo he has been engaged abroad as strolling and piano bar by the biggest hotels in the Middle East as well as in the Far East, such as the Sheraton Cairo hotel (Egypt), Renaissance hotel Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Sheraton Deira hotel Dubai (u.a.e), Hilton Beach Club hotel Dubai (u.a.e), Hyatt Regency hotel Dubai (u.a.e), Al Bustan Palace hotel (Inter-continental) Oman Muscat, Sheraton hotel Manama Bahrain, Hyatt Regency hotel Dubai (u.a.e), Carenage Bay Rosewood hotel e Resort Canouan Grenadines west indies Caribbean, Rotana hotel Al-Ain Trader Vic’s (u.a.e) Rosewood Hotel Canouan Grenadines west indies Caribbean, Kempinski hotel Ajman (u.a.e), Capri Palace hotel Capri Island (Italy), Elounda beach hotel Creta (Greece), Kempinski hotel Ajman (u.a.e), Capri Palace hotel Capri (Italy), Movenpick hotel Tanger (Morocco), Capri Palace hotel (Italy), Crowne Plaza hotel Abu Dhabi (u.a.e), Capri Palace hotel Capri (Italy), Millennium hotel Abu Dhabi (u.a.e), Capri Palace hotel Capri (Italy), Kempinski Giardino di Costanza hotel Mazara del Vallo Sicily (Italy), Martinez hotel Cannes (France), Intercontinental hotel Abu Dhabi (u.a.e), Grand Millennium Al Wahda hotel (u.a.e) Mercure hotel Abu Dhabi (u.a.e) Novotel hotel Abu Dhabi (u.a.e) Southern Sun hotel Abu Dhabi (u.a.e) At.mosphere lounge & restaurant Burj Khalifa Dubai (u.a.e).

Before performing abroad, he has played as solo violin and piano keyboard in the best hotels in Naples: the Excelsior, Santa Lucia, Vesuvio and Quisisana Capri (Italy)


About his music, several national and international news papers

have written up. 


He is member of the E.N.P.A.L.S. as orchestral. He is also member of the musician trade union. 


Whenever required a full documentation of the above activities is

available upon request.


Born in Pompei (Na) Italy on 15-03-1969